DON'T BREAK MY HEART (English Version ft. Lana)

15. june 2015 at 18:12
DON'T BREAK MY HEART (English Version ft. Lana)
(Michal Karpac/Michal Karpac)

Rap 1:
I can't sleep all the night
You've been the first girl in my life
Where is no love, there is no cry
The best doctor is the time
But I cannot stand the pain in my soul
I can't say it better, I'm not Romeo
All I know is I love you so
Baby please, please don't go!

Don't break my heart
Don't break it apart
Don't crush my soul, my baby blue
Oh baby.

Don't break my heart
In this endless dark
Don't let me go, I cry for you
Oh baby.

Rap 2:
The night's gone, I couldn't sleep
All nights I dream of you, baby
Dream of you a dream of love
And one night is not enough
I promise you, I won't let you go
Cause you're my heart and my soul
I need your love, don't tear us apart
Baby please, don't break my heart.